The Rollers Ridden (Trail building)

22 January, 2012 at 22:00

Andrew was away skiing somewhere, like Andorra or Halifax – well, some place that’s cold and different anyway. The weather here was cold and damp and windy so enthusiasm was fairly average although it picked up as the usual crew were joined by Emily, Lily and Matt and a new James (the vet). After last week’s digression to the Werewolf By-Pass, this week we were cracking on with finishing the Rollers. The Big Build Day a couple of weeks back had made a huge leap forward in surfacing the trail but there were still patches here and there that needed preparation and surfacing, while work on armouring the Rollers themselves continue.

Matt, Emily and Lily set to work on the final curve into the Rollers whilst James (the vet) joined Bruce on rock laying duties. By the end of the day, Martin and Petra’s rock splitting activities had worn out the industrial drill – a sure indicator of the effort that has gone in.

We were joined by (new) Bruce and returnee Katie who joined Matt in trail prep on some damp patches right at the start of section. With Emily and Lily shovelling, Matt and me barrowing and Katie and Charlotte levelling, we got a couple of patches ready for wackering.

By then it was turning cold and VERY WINDY so with our great thanks for a job well done, Lily Emily and Matt headed off for a cup of tea.

And in a bellwether of real progress, we had our first test rides of some of the armoured rollers by Charlotte and (young) Phil. It’s clear that we need to adjust the line on at least one to make it ride sweetly so we’re still some weeks away from re-opening…