The Smelly Water Brigade (Trail Building Sunday 29th January)

29 January, 2012 at 22:00

After a ride on Saturday, it had become apparent that some of the pools in the switch-back bermed section half way along takeroo, were a somewhat well filled with water. Time to give the little petrol driven pump a work-out! Although tricky to get running, once started, the pump did a nice job. This gave plenty of entertainment for Jess, and although not a quick job, she patiently and carefully hosed everything in site with large quantities of dirty water! As can be seen from the picture, the pump certainly has plenty power.

The final step was to dredge the sumps, and remove all the smelly silt and rotting pine needles that make a very fragrant soup therein.

And we’ve also now decided that when we get a mini digger, it will also need a sump dredging attachment, and power take-off for a slurry pump. There’s no such thing as too many toys….

Two of the four berms have had a drainage channel added, to hopefully provide a way out for the water, until we can get some assistance from a man and a machine. Time to talk nicely to our Forestry Commission man.