Back to ‘roo (Trail building)

22 April, 2012 at 21:00

After our holiday up in bonny Scotland, we’re back to the grindstone on Tackeroo …. or should that be gritstone? Work started last week on a new technical trail feature which gives riders the option of smoother rock armoured ramp or for those who like more air under their wheels, a drop off onto a gnarlier run out.

You can’t build a rock feature without rock so the job started with a relay of extreme barrowing moving the split rock left over from the Rollers up the trail. A larch plank was driven into the ground to form the anchor for the rockery. There was a certain amount of deliberation to decide the best way to build the feature but it’s now looking pretty good.

Meanwhile, the other guys, me included, continued fettling and tidying the existing trail. At least the April showers, well, downpours highlighted where drainage needed improving – not always easy to spot when everything is dry and dusty.

We’re nearing the end of our work on the end of Tackeroo but the trail will need time to settle so expect a grand opening early summer.