Rain, Rain, Go Away… Oh it has… Oh it’s back again! (Trail building)

8 April, 2012 at 21:30

It was a day of ‘scattered showers’ as the Met Office coyly phrase it, although we didn’t know that when we arrived in a steady rainfall that seemed set in for the day. Not relishing the unprotected reaches of the Rollers in the conditions, we settled on Plan B and loaded the Landy for a day at Werewolf Drops By-pass. We were joined again by Rob and Millie. Millie is currently the youngest trail crew member and winner of the prettiest pink wellies award.

Andrew, Dave and Jez had returned from the 7Stanes the day before and were full of tales of bike heroism, derring-do and white knuckle exploits, some of which may even be true, so the day was punctuated by reminiscences of trails ridden, falls avoided, crashes not avoided and what they got up to in the sauna, (very, very hot apparently).

On the trail building front, we surfaced the exit from the boardwalk up to the junction and bits of the ride down; fettled some of the bends and started inserting some water bars. These are logs inset across the trail at a diagonal to encourage surface water to drain to the side rather than stream along the riding line.

So despite discouraging conditions, progress was made and we repaired to The Urn with a sense of job well done, and some amazement at the sheer volume of traffic going through WWD on a day one would have thought would have been quiet. Shows how much people love those trails!