Membership Update – Public Service Announcement

23 May, 2012 at 21:00
 Your MP (Membership Pixie) has been busy – members should now have received their packs, delivered by the postman. That does assume Pixie maths is good enough to work out the right quantity of stamps, of the right variety. Of course if we were sending out trail material, we could do a far better job of estimating how much we needed. But as we don’t have enough, we’d rather you sent some surfacing material to us instead – 20-40mm grade crushed stone please, or large lumps of gritstone would be really nice – Ta!
The photo shows the second batch of renewals dispatched just over a week ago. If anyone has renewed or applied to join up to 2 weeks ago, get back to us if your pack has not appeared ( Anything more recent, and your MP is doing what most MP’s do – i,e. not a lot! Four hours last Sunday drinking coffee with our FC masters was hard work, but somebody has to do it! But fear not, the Chase Trails National & International Membership Distribution Hub will get its Compilation, Packaging & Dispatch Division back on the case, and tirelessly attending to the more recent renewals and applications.