Double Evilness – Trail building

17 June, 2012 at 21:00
As we’ve now finished work on Tackeroo (all it needs is a little settling time), we split into two teams to do a couple of “evil” jobs that have been on the cards for a while – a rock slab for the bottom of ‘Evil Slab’ and an easier bypass for ‘Evil Root’.
Weather was hit and miss again – sunshine with heavy showers …. when is summer going to start? Donning waterproofs, Bruce, Martin and Steve worked on ‘Evil Root’ while Bruce2, Dave, Liam and myself set about “blackening” the entry to the step. Whilst there, we also replanted a waymarker post and drained a few puddles.
I reckon we got the seal of approval from the RAF as an Avro Lancaster bomber flew directly over the top of us, skimming the tree tops, on its way to the Cosford Air Show …. an impressive sight!