The Colonel’s Bridge

15 July, 2012 at 21:00

This Sunday saw us carrying on with the Were Wolf Drop by-pass. As we’re not too far off having the section completed and with a forecast for good weather (if that can be believed at the moment), decking the bridge across the boggy ground was on the cards. Martin donned his protective gear and set about chain sawing the deck boards to length whilst the rest of the crew gathered up other necessary timber and tools.

After dropping off the tools, Bruce and Steve had some finishing touches to the newly opened Tackeroo section to complete whilst Ian and Martin fixed the deck boards in place.

Meanwhile, Dave went on a walkabout to trim back some of the Triffid like growth along the other sections of Tackeroo – everything is growing like mad in this “summer”.
I helped James shore up the edges of the trail with a low level crib “curb”. This will stop the trail edge from breaking away on the steep side slope and help keep riders on the trail.
Before we wrapped up, a rather large dead tree was spotted next to the trail – only one thing for it …. gentle fettling with a chain saw was required. Again, Martin pulled on his protective gear whilst the team stopped riders and anyone else from entering the danger zone (a radius of 2 tree lengths) – even though Martin is full trained, we can’t take any chances.
The title of this post is a little tenuous – we got a little carried away with our usual trail building banter. See if you can work out what we mean …..