"Crumbly Corner" is no more – Trail building

23 August, 2012 at 21:00
As a one off “out of hours” build session, Dave and I planned to repair the left hand corner on Tackeroo that has started to break up. When the trail was resurfaced, this corner would have benefited from crib walling to support the outside edge – hindsight is a wonderful thing!
Armed with a selection of tools and several larch logs, we pinned the logs in place and back filled with new material. Rather than keeping the corner totally flat, we’ve kicked it up a little with a small berm …. a berm-ette if you like.
Thanks to Adam and Cabbage who helped carry the logs and drive the posts in. Thanks also to Pete, Ellie and friends for stopping mid ride to help barrow and lay the new material and clearing the undergrowth to improve the sight line.