Monkey Maintenance – Trail building

26 August, 2012 at 21:00
For a change of scenery, this week we were over on ‘The Monkey Trail’. The first jump / roller down into DeercoteValley had a sizeable braking hollow which we planned to fill with rock. Don’t worry, it’s smooth(ish) and totally roll-able – in fact you probably won’t even notice the rocks.
As we didn’t want to close the whole section, a temporary diversion was imposed around our work area marked out with signs and barrier tape – it looked like a section of a XC race course. Thanks to all riders for obeying the signage and their comments of appreciation for our efforts.
Dave, Jez, Bruce 2 and Steve – the rock crew, first drove posts into the ground to support a larch plank that formed the anchor for the rocks. Starting at the lower edge, the various sized rocks were shuffled into position and the gaps between them filled with surfacing material. To finish the feature, logs were positioned to funnel riders onto the armoured section. The end results looks pretty smart – judge for yourself.
Meanwhile, Petra and Martin emptied a berm sump pool with the sump pump then helped by Original Bruce, dredged the foul smelling sludge out of the bottom of the sump. I started digging off the back side of the berm ready for the drainage pipe to go in. After laying the drainage pipe, the berm was rebuilt and wackered smooth. As we couldn’t leave it to settle, it may need a little TLC in a few weeks time after the passage of several hundred tyres have bedded in the surface.
Whilst in the area, we also dredged out another sump and cut a drainage channel thus preventing another berm from flooding come winter.
There are a few more berms to sort out on this descent but that’s for another day … it was gone 3pm by the time we got back to base.