"Option B" – Trail building

12 August, 2012 at 21:00
After the fun and games of last weekend’s ‘Sleepless in the Saddle’, normality returned to the trail crew …. well, as normal as we get. So, this Sunday we aimed to open the new bypass around the Dog’s most technical feature – ‘Werewolf Drop’. For those that had watched the Olympic mountain biking, the easier option around a techy feature is called an “Option B” rather than a “chicken run”.
Before opening our option B, we had to move a rather large pile of rocks from the fall zone of the bridge. Bob, the Forestry’s digger driver, had dropped a job lot of rocks for us to use to add some teeth to the Werewolf …. more on that in later posts. Whilst Dave and Jez busted a gut shifting the rocks, Petra tidied the edges of the trail and brashed any possible short cuts. Martin and myself joined the existing trail to the new section with a log step and fixed signage to the waymarker posts.
We’re hoping that the new route will reduce the queues at the top of the drop with less confident riders taking the bypass.

Elsewhere in the forest, Bruce and Steve erected a few larch log fences to deter riders from shortcutting the corners at the bottom of Lower Cliff. Please keep to the trail – short cuts damages the edges and drags mud onto the trail surface.