"Berm Bailing" – Trail building

23 September, 2012 at 21:00
Today’s trail building involved…laying pipe. We started off the day by adding a quick diversion around where we were working, once that was done, a trench was dug in the berm to drain away the water that had accumulated, then the pipe was dropped in, and covered up (plus the hole inside the berm was made a bit bigger). Finally, a bit of whacking to harden the surface again, and it was ready to be reopened, just as the rain started.
The berm now drains a lot better (hopefully), and since it can double up as conduit, when the trails are eventually tarmac’d and lighting added all the way around, you’ll be able to see at night. Plus, power sockets will be added every 100 meters along the trail to help riders who have that new electronic suspension since they’ll need to charge their bike up all the time..

Okay, I lied, it’s only for drainage. There won’t be tarmac, lights, or power sockets, ever. [Are you sure about that! – Andrew].