Harry’s looking good – Trail building

16 September, 2012 at 21:00
As we didn’t have time to finish the repairs on “Harry” (the last of the rock gardens on the ‘Red Monkey’) the other weekend, today’s mission was to install a crib wall and back fill with suitable sized rocks.
While Martin and Steve split several large rocks into more manageable pieces, Dave, Jez and Matt drove the rounds into the ground to support the larch planks which are bolted in place with coachscrews.
The rest of the crew took the opportunity to do a spot of routine maintenance – removing the “marbles” and pine needles followed by de-berming the edge of the trail to reduce the number of puddles.
The finished job looks good and it was down to me to test ride it in front of the heckling crew – that what comes of taking your bike to a build session.