“Tom, Dick & Harry” – Trail building

2 September, 2012 at 21:00

As posted previously, this Sunday saw us up on the “Red Monkey” doing some much needed maintenance on the rock gardens. As regulars to the Chase will know, there are three rocky descents in this section so Frank aptly christened them “Tom”, “Dick” and “Harry”. All three require work but first a diversion was cut so we could work in safety. This was to be a permanent route that would become a waymarked ‘short cut’ for those that don’t fancy the rocks. With haste, branches were trimmed, top soil dug off and way marker posts planted. Meanwhile, the “Rock Splitters” (Martin and Steve) fired up the generator and turned the large rocks into Swiss cheese before slicing them into manageable chucks with the wedges and feathers.

‘Harry’ needs the most work, requiring a timber crib wall to be erected then back filled with rocks. As the trail was to reopen later in the day, we concentrated on the other two sections. The Bruces, Frank, Jez and new volunteer William worked on ‘Dick’ whilst I replanted a missing waymarker at the end of the trail. Returning to find much shuffling of rock, I accepted the easy task of dropping a slab at the bottom of ‘Tom to prevent the step down growing deeper. “Crash Test” Bruce donned is helmet and test rode my handiwork to ensure everything was good.
As soon as ‘Dick’ was finished, Bruce happily rode the new line several times just to check that the rocks were nicely bedded in – sorted. We’ll be returning to have a bash at ‘Harry’ and maybe the “Black Monkey” in a couple of week’s time.