Future works

5 October, 2012 at 16:00
With the darker evenings, winter is most definitely on its way so our attention is turning to winterising the trails as best we can. Anyone who’s ridden the Dog recently will know that several of the berms have turned into lagoons – experience has shown that after a couple of years the sumps slit up and no longer drain effectively. With this in mind, we have mapped all the berms on the Dog and Monkey that need drainage pipes (20 in total).
Experimenting with the top two berms on the descent into Deercote has proved that we can cut a trench, lay the pipe and back fill without needing to close the trail long term. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be hitting these berms so with a bit of luck, your socks should stay drier for longer.
Some remedial work has already been done on the worst berms until we can get around to doing a proper job so please bear with us.