It’s dirty work – Trail building

28 October, 2012 at 22:00
As mentioned in last week’s post, the two berms above Werewolf Drop were targeted this week. We’ve got the routine down to a “T” now – cut and mark out a diversion then start digging! That’s the clean bit, the dirty work entails excavating the rather smelly sediment out of the bottom of the sumps. Our four legged trail builder, Bertie, was having great fun paddling in the muck much to his owner’s disgust!
Martin, Steve and I worked on the upper berm while Ben, Bruce2, Dave and William worked on the lower one. Making good use of a closed trail, Original Bruce and Jez filled in a number of braking bumps then struck gold – well, trail builder’s gold – good quality material for reshaping the lower berm.


After much barrowing and wackering, the berm repairs were finished just as the rain set in – it was “adjourn to the urn” time.
To capture our grafting on camera, William set up his Go-Pro in a tree to do a time-lapsed video – have a look here for laugh.
Next Sunday, the later part of the first section of ‘The Dog’ is ear marked for some TLC so we’ll be diverting riders along the Heritage Trail to the start of the Stegosaurus.