No More Swimming Pools – Trail building

21 October, 2012 at 21:00
The early morning fog didn’t deter the usual suspects from turning up with recent recruits Ben and William coming back for more – thanks guys. Today’s plan was to hit the first two big berms on Tackeroo that have resembled swimming pools recently.
After cutting and signing a diversion around our work area, we set to work digging trenches into the backs of the berms to drain the water and later take the pipes. Once Jez had broken through the dam on the upper berm, a torrent of mud and water cascaded down the bank for several minutes.
We were expecting to find a shopping trolley or rusty old bike in the sumps but other than rather smelly silt, there were no surprises – that said a couple of mobile phones did end up in the mud …. remember to zip up your pockets!
Once the pipes were in place, the trenches were filled and the material compacted. To finish the job, the berms were reshaped and wackered smooth – let’s hope with the drainage pipes in place, they stay that way.

Next on the list are the two berms above Werewolf Drops so expect another short cut through the trees next Sunday.