Another one bites the dust – Trail building

4 November, 2012 at 22:00
Today’s mission was to fix the final berm on the first section of the Dog by installing another drainage pipe. A Halloween ride by Dave and me in torrential rain proved that our work adding pipes to the berms was working a treat.
As usual, we started by taping and signing a diversion before Petra, Ben, Dave, Jez and Steve started worked on the berm. A sump on the inside of the berm was dug, along with the trench for the pipe and another sump for the overflow.
In parallel, Martin dug out the existing waymarker post at the end of the trail and swapped it with a replacement complete with new signs before spending time felling dead trees close to the trail. The Bruces and William turned their attentions to a corner that regularly puddles. They brought the level up with material from a borrow pit* and dug a drainage channel rather than adding a pipe.
Petra and I worked my way along the trail de-berming the edges and digging drainage channels. To finish, Ben put a couple of rocks found in the undergrowth to good use by adding a small step down between two trees.
Next weekend we’re back to last of the seven berms on Tackeroo so there will be a temporary diversion along the fire road while we work.
* – a borrow pit is a means of obtaining surfacing material close to where it is required. By digging off the top surface of pine needles and peaty soil, the material underneath can ideal for surfacing – that’s assuming it’s not too sandy.