How many pipes? – Trail building

2 December, 2012 at 22:00

I’ve lost count how many berms we have installed drainages pipes in over the last couple of months but riding around the Dog, you can see the improvements given the amount of rainfall we’ve had recently. Last weekend, we headed over to Upper Cliff on the Monkey Trail to hit another berm and tidy up the Black Rocks.

A “Strava line”, as one of the guys had christened it, was blocked with a low fence – riding down the side of the rock feature at speed into the path of riders on the red line is an accident waiting to happen. Young Phil, who stopped to help mid-ride, worked like a Trojan digging material out of a hole to repair the entrance to the rocks.
This Sunday, the work site was a little closer to home – the flooded corner between the Stegosaurus and Kingfisher Bridge. Yet another pipe was buried in the trail to take water from the sump. This left the trail surface rather soft so we may need to do a bit more remedial work in the future.
Another “Strava line” was blocked with logs and other brash whilst a number of puddles were sorted.
There are a few more pipes to install but we’ll be doing other maintenance work over the next few weeks …. weather permitting now winter is here!