More Maintenance – Trail building

23 December, 2012 at 22:00
With Bob the Digger Driver moving the surfacing material received from the Cemex quarry (see here for details), we could carry out some much needed maintenance on the later sections of The Dog.
Last weekend, the crew split into two teams working on different sections – the first rerouting the trail to improve the flow and drainage by digging a trench. Unfortunately, as the surface needs time to settle and dry out – unlikely with the current weather, we had to leave the bypass (mud bath) around the work zone in place.

The other crew made a start on filling holes and other damaged areas of trail which we continued this weekend. It’s a case of draining off the puddles, breaking up the old surface and adding new material. This is then raked level and wackered flat but as the trail needs settling time, we had to post a diversion along the fire road. This should only be for a couple of weeks depending on the weather,