Bad News – Another Diversion

14 March, 2013 at 22:00

The Forestry have informed us that the newly named “High Voltage” section will be closed for harvesting most likely starting next week. Diversions will be posted so you can continue on ‘Follow the Dog’ or drop down Kitbag Hill to the level crossing to start ‘The Monkey Trail’.

Following lessons learnt from the previously harvested sections of the Monkey Trail, plus the need to employ a trail building contractor to repair the damage done, this time around the FC have had meetings with all the harvesting contractors agreeing that they would minimise crossing points and install extraction racks along side the trail. If all goes to plan, once the harvesting is completed, we should be able to get the trail open with little or no delay.

All we can say is it’s a working forest and the price of timber must be high.