Membership / Renewal Update

10 May, 2013 at 17:00
We have run out of stock of membership pack materials and have been awaiting a restock. Most items are now in hand with one exception. Its looking like another two to three weeks before the missing items are due to show. Please accept our apologies for the delay, but sending things out in two mail shots makes an expensive exercise. We do a fairly tidy job of building trails, but we lack a little when it comes to PR! Hopefully we have our priorities the right way around ……
Please remember to let us know if any membership pack is bought on somebody else’s behalf, or as a gift (state for who, an email and a delivery address, as we’re not psychic….), or if the delivery address is not the same as the Paypal registered address. You can inform us using the Paypal ‘Message to seller’ box, or direct to (also used for any other membership queries or issues).