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Chase Trails Memberships – Quick Update

27 July, 2014 at 22:46

Quick update from Bruce, who as you may know is in charge of the membership packs – we’ve had a decent amount of renewals come in, however that means that Bruce has unfortunately been drowned in getting them all sorted out and in the post. As such, he’ll need time to recover from the trauma process everything and get them all sent out, so that will take a few weeks – he does have a normal job to go to after all! 🙂

It’s nice to see people appreciate our work enough to keep supporting us, so to those who have renewed, and signed up for the first time, thank you!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to drown poor Bruce under even more mail support Chase Trails but don’t have the time to come and volunteer with trail building (hint hint!), you can sign up to become a Chase Trails Member – it’s ÂŁ15 per year, and you get a warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the trails, as well as a membership pack, some nifty perks including free tea/coffee from Swinnos and 10% off in the shop, plus a lot more. All the income goes toward Chase Trails – this helps us buy things like new tools, wheelbarrows, and so on. You can find out more information and join on the Membership page on our site.

Stile Cop build day

21 July, 2014 at 18:46

Join us for the next downhill build day this Sunday 27th. Find us on the Mega Trail after 10am.


Five Ways Descent is now open

16 July, 2014 at 10:00

Just a quick update to say the new 1km descent from Five Ways is now open, and has been since Thursday last week. It replaces the old fire road which took you down to near Absinthe and Upper Cliff. The new section avoids almost all the fire roads, and brings you out right at the start of Absinthe.

Chase Trails volunteers have been hard at work since early 2013 getting the section ready, and after a Big Build Day in October last year, and a few delays this year which prevented us from working on it, it’s finally open. At a very rough guess based on about 60 seconds with a calculator, we’d estimate that over 2000 hours of work has gone into building the section in the past year and a half.

To celebrate, myself and Ben (who sometimes attends the build days on Stile Cop) went out on Monday to do a spot of filming for a trailer. Be warned, it’s enduro… 😉

Let Loose Black Section Progress – 6th July 2014

7 July, 2014 at 18:54

Yesterday’s trail building saw us push on with the black section on Let Loose. The to-do list was fairly simple for the day – move rocks and material into place, and tidy up the B-line.

As we turned up on site, we saw the results of the Forestry’s work this past week – they had delivered a few extra rocks on site for us for the rock garden, and cleared a path up to the rock garden in case emergency access is needed on race day.

With plenty to do, we all got to work. A few of us started shifting rocks and material into place for the rock garden, while Dave and Jez, the rock wranglers, got to work making them all fit. As the day went by, we saw it steadily progress up the hill. The current start of the rocks seems reasonably easy at first glance – it’s a gentle slope, relatively flat, and not too challenging compared to what’s coming. That leads to a gap between the trees, where there are a few small but tricky steps to attempt. Finally, we have the end section which is the trickiest of the lot, which was done last week. We gave it a test ride, and even with a confident rider attempting it, it looks difficult!

It’s not quite done yet – we have a lot more rocks to put into place, including adding some hefty slabs to the bottom where the landing area is, so we’ll be back to carry on the work very soon.

The level of difficulty of the rock garden presented us with another problem – we’re predicting the B-line will get a fair bit of use on the day, so Phil, and new volunteer Tom, worked on removing some tree stumps, widening the line, and improving some of the corners a little. Tom had joined us for the day as part of working toward his Duke of Edinburgh award.

After a good many hours shifting material and rocks around, we were all rather tired, so we packed up, grabbed a couple of photos, and headed back to base. Job done. 🙂

Big Build Day: Let Loose Black Section

2 July, 2014 at 08:34

What’s this? A blog post about actual trail building for the first time in about half a year? Yes, sorry…we’ve neglected it a bit. But no more! We’ll aim to get weekly or bi-weekly updates out once again. 🙂

So, without further ado – remember that Big Build Day we had last month? It was a fantastic success and we got a good deal done on the day. The section is being built in partnership with British Cycling, Run & Ride, and of course the Forestry Commission, and will be used in the upcoming British Cycling MTB Cross Country Series race, which is being held at Cannock Chase on the 16-17th August.

We had a fantastic turnout on the day – including the Chase Trails regulars, we had a total of 54 people arrive for the day ready to help, and we managed to get most of the new section surfaced, and made a bit of a start on the rock garden.

Big Build Day - Let Loose Black Section

Big Build Day – Let Loose Black Section