Let Loose Black Section Progress – 6th July 2014

7 July, 2014 at 18:54

Yesterday’s trail building saw us push on with the black section on Let Loose. The to-do list was fairly simple for the day – move rocks and material into place, and tidy up the B-line.

As we turned up on site, we saw the results of the Forestry’s work this past week – they had delivered a few extra rocks on site for us for the rock garden, and cleared a path up to the rock garden in case emergency access is needed on race day.

With plenty to do, we all got to work. A few of us started shifting rocks and material into place for the rock garden, while Dave and Jez, the rock wranglers, got to work making them all fit. As the day went by, we saw it steadily progress up the hill. The current start of the rocks seems reasonably easy at first glance – it’s a gentle slope, relatively flat, and not too challenging compared to what’s coming. That leads to a gap between the trees, where there are a few small but tricky steps to attempt. Finally, we have the end section which is the trickiest of the lot, which was done last week. We gave it a test ride, and even with a confident rider attempting it, it looks difficult!

It’s not quite done yet – we have a lot more rocks to put into place, including adding some hefty slabs to the bottom where the landing area is, so we’ll be back to carry on the work very soon.

The level of difficulty of the rock garden presented us with another problem – we’re predicting the B-line will get a fair bit of use on the day, so Phil, and new volunteer Tom, worked on removing some tree stumps, widening the line, and improving some of the corners a little. Tom had joined us for the day as part of working toward his Duke of Edinburgh award.

After a good many hours shifting material and rocks around, we were all rather tired, so we packed up, grabbed a couple of photos, and headed back to base. Job done. 🙂