Five Ways Descent is now open

16 July, 2014 at 10:00

Just a quick update to say the new 1km descent from Five Ways is now open, and has been since Thursday last week. It replaces the old fire road which took you down to near Absinthe and Upper Cliff. The new section avoids almost all the fire roads, and brings you out right at the start of Absinthe.

Chase Trails volunteers have been hard at work since early 2013 getting the section ready, and after a Big Build Day in October last year, and a few delays this year which prevented us from working on it, it’s finally open. At a very rough guess based on about 60 seconds with a calculator, we’d estimate that over 2000 hours of work has gone into building the section in the past year and a half.

To celebrate, myself and Ben (who sometimes attends the build days on Stile Cop) went out on Monday to do a spot of filming for a trailer. Be warned, it’s enduro… 😉