Trail building: Devil’s Staircase

22 October, 2014 at 13:00

Now that the Let Loose black option is ready for the FC inspection in a few weeks time, we took the opportunity to reshape the last corner at the bottom of the Devil’s Staircase. After scraping off and taping a diversion route, we started by driving in posts to support the crib wall around the outer edge of the corner.

Whilst Dave and Steve staked a log on the inside of the corner, new volunteers Izzy and Adam broke up the existing surface so we could shape a gentle bermed corner. Phil and I packed down the material building the berm up while Bertie, the Golden Retriever, plonked himself down in the way.

As the material is sandy and quite dry, the new surface will require a few weeks to settle and a good whackering before we can re-open the last part of the trail.