About Chase Trails

Chase Trails is a volunteer organisation that builds and maintains the mountain bike trails on Cannock Chase. CT’s main objective is to gain volunteers to assist in the maintenance and building of mountain bike trails on Cannock Chase.

A brief history:

Two local riders approached the Forestry Commission (FC) in 2001 with the vision of building sustainable mountain bike trails on Cannock Chase. A partnership was formed with the FC, and, after a lot of hard work, including the first of many “Big Build Days” in February 2003 (which had 60 volunteers turn up), Follow the Dog opened four years later, in March 2005.

6 months after starting work on Follow the Dog, Chase Trails worked with local riders and the Forestry Commission to build the Red Course which was the first of the official downhill trails at Stile Cop. Since then we’ve been developing more trails to bring riders a full range of downhill trails.

Five years later, in April 2010, The Monkey Trail opened – an extension to Follow the Dog comprising of both hand-built trail by CT, and contractor-built trail by Hugh Clixby.

With the opening of The Monkey Trail, visitor numbers to Cannock Chase have skyrocketed and the mountain bike trails now see over 100,000 riders per year.