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Chase Trails Membership Packs Update

28 June, 2014 at 09:00

The first block of membership packs were sent out on Friday for those that have paid, and been waiting for the last few months. The remainder of these will be posted on Monday / Tuesday. Apologies for the delays.

An email reminder will be sent out to the remaining members shortly.

The delays were caused by a couple of problems – first off, PayPal had locked our account until we could prove we weren’t money laundering drug lords, and second of all we were only able to order the stuff for the membership packs once we could pay for it.

One hell of a pile of rocks

25 August, 2013 at 22:00

Oh! My pry bar is twitching already…… Oh sorry, am I not supposed to say that? The latest delivery to Chase Trails. We won’t be giving a prize for selection of parking spot, but there won’t be any complaints either. So where is it going? Don’t worry yourself about that, you’ll find out in the next few weeks! As you can see from William lending his presence to give an idea of scale, these are no small stones. They come from the same origins as the rocks on the Stegosaurus, and yes, we will be getting more with the passage of time. We can find plenty of uses for nice gritstone like this.

But in the mean time…..

A skeleton crew was out on Sunday giving the Lower Cliff section some pruning. The last part of the run through the clearfell area is still to be completed from about two switchbacks from the end. You can expect Lower Cliff to be shut at some stage in the near future, for just one Sunday, whilst we repair the edge that has broken away. We’ll probably elevate the edge by about 5 foot, with a spring loaded lip, so if you get it wrong, we get some film of you going head first into that smelly pool at the foot of the hill – call it trail builder amusement! We like a good laugh occasionally….


Last of the membership packs are in the post – honest!

24 June, 2013 at 12:00

On the membership front, did we mention the membership packs had been sent out? May be we did but just in case, and lest you were in any wee doubt of the mind, it gives me great pleasure to inform you (just in case you did not notice before), that despite a rather late start to mailing activities (and this being rather a long sentence to type), that the Chase Trails National & International Distribution Hub Membership Compilation & Dispatch Divisional Headquarters (CTNIDHMCDDHQ for short-ish) has been working tirelessly to finalise all membership packs.

I have just split two post boxes down the side (one nearly fully in half) trying to jam huge quantities of membership packs in, and get them mailed out to the party faithful. Why don’t they make post boxes from elastic? My life would be so much easier! And yes, I did go back and gaffa tape the post boxes back together, being the honest Trail Pixie that I am. The last few membership packs of the back-log should hit the post box by mid week this week (if I can find an unmolested post box to use).

To those that renewed, we thank you for your continued faith in our good work, and to the new members, we’re please that we have impressed you enough for you to seek out our web site and offer us your hard earned cash – we thank you deeply. The last few membership packs of the back-log, should hit the post box by mid week this week – apologies for the delay, and our thanks for your patience in this matter.


‘Bomb Hole’ re-opened

23 June, 2013 at 22:00

A small team of five, including Katie with 1.5 functional legs (minor use of stick for support!), went out to the ‘Bomb Hole’ section to assess the situation following harvester working in the area. Yet again, a fine job by the FC’s Tree Team and their contractors – there was no trail damage resulting from the harvesting.

After draining a few puddles, and sweeping the trail off in two areas, the section was re-opened, and normal service resumed!

The Bomb Hole itself will be getting a drainage pipe in the near future, as the water in the now somewhat shallow sump can only flow away across the trail. Some surfacing work will also be required to raise the level of the trail at the start and end of the section, as the trail has now worn below the normal ground level – a job for the mid-week maintenace sessions ….