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‘Bomb Hole’ closure on Sunday 7th July – for one day only*

2 July, 2013 at 18:00

This is advance warning that we will be installing a drainage pipe in the ‘Bomb Hole’ berm this coming Sunday. It’s the last berm that’s in need of improved drainage – the results of all our handiwork on the other 20+ berms has been evident over the winter months …. drier feet for all.

* – if all goes to plan, the closure will only be for a few hours on Sunday.

‘Bomb Hole’ re-opened

23 June, 2013 at 22:00

A small team of five, including Katie with 1.5 functional legs (minor use of stick for support!), went out to the ‘Bomb Hole’ section to assess the situation following harvester working in the area. Yet again, a fine job by the FC’s Tree Team and their contractors – there was no trail damage resulting from the harvesting.

After draining a few puddles, and sweeping the trail off in two areas, the section was re-opened, and normal service resumed!

The Bomb Hole itself will be getting a drainage pipe in the near future, as the water in the now somewhat shallow sump can only flow away across the trail. Some surfacing work will also be required to raise the level of the trail at the start and end of the section, as the trail has now worn below the normal ground level – a job for the mid-week maintenace sessions ….